Churchyard Policy

 Arbory Church Burial Authority Committee agreed at it's meeting in July 2018 to implement a new policy, in line with regulations laid down by the Church of England, regarding what is and is not acceptable in a parish Churchyard. This new policy comes in to effect from 1st August 2018 and will apply to all  applications for new headstones, replacement headstones, inscriptions and burials from this date. We appreciate that some existing headstones and memorials do not conform to the new policy, these will not be afffected by the new policy. However, we do ask where possible people visiting graves would respect our request to only leave items and flowers that are appropriate to a country churchyard, and that glass vases and pots should not be used. Should you have any questions or concerns please do phone the Vicar, Rev Irene Cowell. tel 823509 

A Summary of the policy is printed below. The full policy is available from the Vicar on request. 




The Vicar and Churchwardens of the Parish of Arbory and Castletown draw your attention to the Burial Ground Policy adopted by Arbory Burial Authority in July 2018. The summary of which follows:


  • Permission must be obtained from the incumbent for the introduction of any memorial or inscription. 


  • Memorials should be made of natural stone, and should be a simple upright or horizontal tablet and not exceed the dimensions laid down by the Diocesan Vice Chancellor. A small simple wooden cross is also permitted. No other monument (e.g. open book, teddy bear, cross, heart) or other sculpture will be permitted other than by faculty. The use of photographs, porcelain portraits or other etchings are also subject to Faculty.


  • Except where the design of a headstone includes an integral receptacle for plants or cut flowers, they may be placed in a removable container, glass and porcelain containers should be avoided. Wreathes and cut flowers may be placed in such containers or laid on any grave, but must be removed as soon as they appear withered.


  • The use of artificial flowers should be the exception rather than the rule and should reflect the flowers and colours of the season. As with fresh flowers these should be removed when faded. Remembrance Day poppies and traditional Christmas wreathes should be removed after a period of not more than three months. 


  • You are kindly requested not to leave additional ornaments on a grave, these include windmills, wind chimes, balloons, plastic or porcelain ornaments, teddy bears, pictures or cards. The Burial Authority reserve the right to remove items that may be considered inappropriate in country church yard.  These will be retained at the church for a period of no more than two months to be collected.


  • The Burial Authority are not responsible for the maintenance of any memorial stone.Where a stone is deemed to be dangerous and in breach of Health and Safety requirements we will aim to contact the family. If however we are unable to find any family member we will apply for a Faculty and the stone will be laid flat. It is the responsibility of the family to maintain the stone and meet the cost of any repairs. 


A full copy of the Arbory Burial Ground Policy can be found on the noticeboard inside the church porch or by contacting the Vicar, Rev Irene Cowell on 823509 

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